2019 ILC Presentations

Keith Belk picture

Keith Belk, Ph.D., Ken & Myra Monfort Chair, Colorado State University 

China’s Growing Demand for Meat: Preparing the Producer and Purveyor for Exporting to China.

Justin Ransom

Justin Ransom, Ph.D., Sustainable Food Strategy, Tyson Foods, Inc.

Consumer Acceptance of Substituted Proteins from Vegetative or Cellular Sources: A Disruptive Threat to the Meat industry?

MS. uhg how

Ms. JiHae Yang, USEMF South Korea Director

A Successful Rebuilding of US Beef product into South Korea


Michael Uetz

Micheal Uetz - Midan Marketing

Tomorrow’s Consumer and the Meat Industry: Disrupting Trends and the Future.



Dr. Troy Setter