International Stockmen's Educational Foundation

Vitor Mercadante

I believe that it is by combining feed efficiency, animal physiology, along with applied research that we will overcome and succeed in this difficult task of feeding an increasing world population in a sustainable manner." 

Dustin Mohrhauser

"With the ever-growing world population, it is paramount to improve beef production efficiency without compromising product quality for the consumer to enjoy."



Bishwo Pokharel

"To ensure the food for the next generations, most of the agricultural related researchers in the world should be focused towards improving efficiency of agriculture."

Jay Rasmussen

"Issues regarding production efficiency and disease mitigation in agriculture are important to the future success of the industry."




Michel Rey

"With the world population increasing the demand for agricultural products increasing, I believe it is extremely important to improve the sustainability of agriculture so that we can continue to provide the world with an abundant and safe food supply."


Luke York

"In meeting the increasing challenges to global food security, the role of the world's poor livestock producers should not be underestimated as they will ultimately determine the efficacy with which the challenges can be met."

Michael Chao

"With a food understanding of the animal production system, I see the dedication in producers to produce wholesome animal products. I look forward to using my ability to connect east to west and consumers to producers."


Anna Daniel

"Advancing animal health and welfare through the practice of progressive veterinary medicine."


Staci DeGeer

"The agricultural industry feeds the world. It is important to me to continue to increase food safety and consumer confidence."




Mary Hunt

Through proper education and information distribution to consumers, we as an industry will be able to strengthen the public's knowledge base of animal agriculture and ensure the prosperity of our industry."


Santiago Luzardo

"The increase in the application of novel meat packaging systems could be considered as a tool to differentiate and add value to fresh meat products."



Brady McNeil

"With an ever changing customer base and an expanding world population expected to reach 9 billion we as animal agriculturalists have challenges. However, we have the tools to meet these needs.



Our 2013 Recipients

The International Livestock Congress USA is a unique global event that brings leaders from the livestock and meat industry together to discuss issues of international importance that affect the future of animal agriculture. Events will include a student career workshop, the International Livestock Congress USA, and tours of area plants, feedlots and ranches.

Fellowships include airfare, ground transportation, hotel and scheduled meals. Scholastic achievement, leadership experiences and professional references are all part of the stringent qualifying requirements for this fellowship. 

In an effort to enhance the educational experiences of college students and strengthen the leaders of tomorrow’s livestock and meat industry, the International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation awards travel fellowships each year for the International Livestock Congress to senior level undergraduates and graduate students attending accredited colleges or universities.

Student Travel Fellowship  Program