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Wyndham Houston Medical Center
6800 Main Street Houston, TX 77030

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2018 International Livestock Congress

February 28th - March 1, 2018

NRG Center

International Stockmen's Educational Foundation


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   Professional                 $200                            $225                                 $250

   Academic                     $175                             $200                                 $225

   Student*                         $50                               $75                                 $100

*Student scholarship winners – Complimentary registration

Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Meat in the Diet. How We Came to Believe that Meat is Bad for Health: The Politics and the Science.  

Nina Teicholz, author of “The Big Fat Surprise”

Does Meat Fit in a Healthy Diet? 
David M. Klurfeld, Ph.D. - ARS, United States Department of Agriculture

What Do Healthcare Givers Know About the Role of Meat in the Diet?
Hawley Poinsett, Texas Beef Council

Industry Accepts the Challenge Posed by Fake News: Fake Meat, Fake Milk, Fake Butter and Fake Eggs Are Not Alternatives to the Nutrients of Real Animal Source Food. What is the Plan for Going on Offense?
Jamie Greenheck, FleishmanHillard, Global Managing Director, Food, Agriculture & Beverage

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The International Beef Trade Value Proposition

Dan Halstrom, President & CEO, U.S. Meat Export Federation

China’s Growing Demand for Imported Beef and U.S. Prospects

Joel Haggard, U.S. Meat Export Federation

How to Manage Exports with Production Technology Challenges

Keith Belk, Ph.D., Colorado State University

The Move to Market Antimicrobial Stewardship as a Trade Advantage

Guy Loneragan, Ph.D., Texas Tech University